The Best Weight Loss Programs for 2023

Ready to get in shape and start eating healthier, without giving up your favorite foods? Compare the top diet programs and make the choice that best suits your lifestyle.

Last Updated: July 2024

Your Guide to Weight Loss Programs

Online weight loss programs come in all shapes and sizes. Programs vary in three main categories: services rendered, diet flexibility, and commitment to the user. Let’s break these categories down together.

The services rendered from a weight loss program are the products you’re actually paying for. Weight loss companies offer a variety of products: mobile application access, full meal delivery, 1-on-1 coaching, community engagement, and more. When searching for the right weight loss program, you’ll want to start here.

Diet flexibility refers to how much a program will restrict both the types and amount of food you eat while on the program. Diet flexibility is such an important thing to consider: if a weight loss program requires a diet that is too strict, you may fall off the wagon; too flexible, and you may lose progress on your weight loss journey. When choosing a weight loss program, be sure the diet flexibility is a good fit for your unique needs.

Lastly, it’s vital to think about the user commitment: how much time will the diet take to produce results? Although extremely variable, every weight loss program will put the user on a schedule to lose weight by a certain deadline. As a general rule, the stricter the program, the faster the results. When choosing the right program for you, be sure to consider not only how long it will take to lose weight, but also how difficult that weight loss may be to achieve.

When finding the right weight loss program for you, make sure to consider each of these three components to make a confident decision.

The Benefits of Following a Weight Loss Program

Weight loss programs can be challenging. That’s why it’s important to remember why you’re trying to lose weight in the first place.

Ignoring the obvious reasons to lose weight (feel better, look better, fit back into your favorite jeans…), WebMD offers these reasons for why just a 5% loss in weight can improve your health:

    • Reduce your risk of Type II diabetes
    • Take some of the pressure off your joints
    • Lower your high blood pressure
    • Help you sleep better

To learn even more about how weight loss can improve your health, check out our article.

What to Expect from a Weight Loss Program

It’s all about the results, right? Well, maybe. Maybe not.

There’s more to a weight loss program than the pounds shed. When choosing a weight loss program for the first time, try to consider other factors. Does the weight loss program teach you how to eat healthier? Are you learning new behaviors to sustain your new lower weight? Do you feel like you know how to exercise on your own?

No matter your weight loss goals, be sure to read up on the products offered from the weight loss programs you’re interested in. Weight loss is important, but so is learning appropriate ways to sustain a healthier living.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Don’t you wish we could just give you an answer? Unfortunately, it’s not that easy: it’s important you do your own research when searching for a weight loss program that works for you. You can start by speaking to your doctor about your goals, reading about the weight loss programs offered on our site, and checking out your favorite programs’ websites for more information.
Weight loss programs can vary widely from program to program. Some programs may ship you low-calorie meals to eat for a specific time, others may provide you with tracking applications to help you live healthier, and others may do a combination of the two. When choosing your preferred weight loss program, be sure your goals and needs align with the method of the program.
Weight loss programs can be effective when followed correctly and sustained past user’s hit their “goal weight.” Sometimes, folks on a weight loss program may be paying for the program, but not quite following the instructions. Similarly, people on a weight loss program may reach their goal weight, only to slowly gain weight again after reverting to old habits. When researching which weight loss program suits your goals, be sure to see how effective the program has been for other users.
While some weight loss programs send users meals, others do not. Each weight loss program is structured in its own way, so always be sure to read about the products offered from a program’s website.